My Songwriting Life, as Documented by Sesame Street

For years I've been haunted by the memory of a certain Sesame Street news story and its prophetic role in depicting the next 40 years (and counting) of my writing life.  Just found it on youtube, and it's as prescient as I remembered.

Watch and be warned ...




Wacky Doodle

After reading Wikipedia could you imagine this song being wrote today. Hollywood would be out in force. Oy!

Good lyrics are inspired

Thanks for sharing this! I can imagine how frustrating it must be at times. But I just want to say thank you for your faithful ministry! I praise God for how He has worked through your life.
I'd love to share the lyrics to your song "There You Are" on my blog next week. I think it will bless my readers, as it's been a huge blessing to me. Is that ok with you?
God bless!

Loved it... had to share it.

Macaroni... you know it makes NO SENSE!... ha

consider it shared on

It takes a lot of effort to sound effortless

You are the best lyricist in the world, are you saying you actually had to work at it?

I'd encourage those who are interested in history and etymology to read about Yankee Doodle on Wikipedia -- fascinating. Turns out the lyrics weren't as contrived as I thought they were.

Wiki Doodle

 Marcia - thanks for the tip on the Yankey Doodle wikipedia entry - fascintating!  As far as your accolades - are you trying to make my day or what? :-)

Too Funny! I remember this

Too Funny!
I remember this and I now make a living writing and doing music...I believe I still have bruises and bumps from hitting my head on the piano ;)

Thanks for digging this up and sharing!

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