Nothing Can Separate - A (Free) Song in the Midst of the Mystery

Tomorrow I'll fly to Calgary to take part in a multi-artist benefit for Haiti.  I know our efforts will be a drop in the ocean, but I am very grateful for the opportunity to do something. [Update - the benefit was an amazing night and raised over $115,000 ... with the government matching the funds over $230,000 was raised.]

Even from this safe distance, watching the devastation in Port-au-Prince shakes the foundations of many of my tidy ideas about justice and what we can expect from the universe.  When my head starts to hurt, I remember this:

1. The world is broken.

2. God is with us.

3. God is for us.

4. God is good.

5. More will be revealed.

About a year ago I wrote a song called "Nothing Can Separate", which I recorded on LOVE WAS HERE FIRST.  The first verse talks about, among other things, an earthquake, and the whole song is an attempt to affirm the 5 points above.  Have a listen, and please feel free to download it and pass it around.

I'll include the lyrics below (click on "read more" in the bottom bar if you don't see them), and you can also download them HERE.

You can donate to Compassion Canada HERE.

You can donate to Compassion USA HERE.

Love to you here, there and everywhere,
Carolyn Arends
Somewhere there's a mother waking up
To news in the night that she cannot bear
And somewhere the whole earth is quaking
Making dust of the city that was standing there

Well who can say if the trouble comes from
Above or below or the hands of fate
I just pray when the trouble does come
You help us to remember the promise you make

I know - neither death nor life
Not the past nor the present nor
Things to come
No foe - neither depth nor height
Can separate us
From the love of Christ
Today there's a church group meeting
Though the government already burned their building down
They say there's no kind of beating
That can take away the peace and the joy they've found
They know - Chorus
Though we go through the valley's shadow
And we live out our lives in these dangerous times
Still we know every step that we go
We don't have to walk alone, You walk by our side
We know - Chorus
Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ
© 2009 Running Arends Music/ASCAP
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Nothing Can Separate

I just stumbled upon your blog while Googling for a song to go with Rom 8:35 (to play in church on Sunday). What a great tune! Do you have the chart available?

Nothing Can Separate MP3

I was not able to download the MP3. Got the error "not found." Has it been moved?

I feel strongly about it and

I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind good with pokies and other stuff!

1. The world is broken. 2.

1. The world is broken.

2. God is with us.

3. God is for us.

4. God is good.

5. More will be revealed.

This is a beautiful piece. Thank-you so much for giving it to us.

nothing can separate is inspiring

reading this blog makes me be grateful for whatever i have in this world. there are so much that each one of us can do in helping others who are less fortunate. i call on people out there to start thinking of little ways on how to improve the lives of our brothers and sisters who have suffered enough. it is time that we must act together as one.


Was the Center Street concert for Haiti last night. I was very impressed with your music.
Purchased some of your songs and sent them to my son, Ryan who is a musician in Toronto.
Hope they will help him seize the day.
He also enjoys play in front of an Orchestra.
Thanks to you and all the performers last night.


Thanks for coming to Centrestreet for the benefit concert.
It is so good to have a church like this and have wonderful people like You come to it and minister to us.
May The Lord continue to bless You and keep You.
I know HE will because You let HIM.

more power

i really enjoyed attending it. thank you for the benefit concert. i hope more concerts will be staged soon.

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