Hey All -- A quick road report -- we are having a grand time on the LOVE WAS HERE FIRST TOUR.  The musical collaboration has far exceeded my hopes and dreams for the tour -- Spencer Capier is his reliable genius self, Amanda Falk has a voice like honey, formidable piano chops, and a sense of humor completely in sync with our own (which is a little scary, granted), and Trevor Dick is a classically trained violinist who turns into a madman (in the best possible way) on the electric fiddle and his 5-string Viola.  My, but it's fun.

If you'd like to hear Amanda and I rave about it all on the airwaves, visit CHRI's site HERE.  (Scroll down to the bottom of the CHRI page for the interview mp3s).

There is one weekend left, so if there's any way you can get to Rockland (11.19), Arnprior (11.20) or Ottawa (11.21), come on by!  More info HERE.





Looks like fun!

Seriously, you need to make it to Illinois sometime! Upper Illinois. Like, near me. :-)

Looks like y'all are having too much fun!

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