Haitian Horrors and Plucking the Day

While my daughter Bethany was sloshing about (and taking entirely too long) in our ensuite bathtub tonight, I wandered over to the bedroom TV and turned on CNN.  There was Anderson Cooper, right in the thick of the Haitian nightmare, reporting on the earthquake aftermath from Ground Zero.  He showed footage his team had shot earlier in the day:  Dead bodies lining sidewalks, living bodies savaged and unable to reach medical help, family members wailing and searching and despairing. 

A 13-year-old girl named Bea was trapped face down beneath rubble, only her bare feet were visible jutting out from an enormous slab of concrete.  Her younger brother sat on his haunches on a heap of debris close by, listening to her cries, while several older relatives argued desperately with each other about the best way to free her and stubbornly kept at it with one ridiculous shovel until all at once she was free.  Her leg was broken but no one tried to get her to a hospital (there were reports that people who'd had limbs torn off had been waiting for medical attention for 18 hours).  She was OK, and while she answered the crew's questions through a translator, a relative fussed fiercely and tenderly with her hair ...

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